Book Review: Chazown

Here's one NOT to put on your shelf.  I know that sounds harsh, but you could buy so many better books than this one.  

Chazown is the English transliteration of the Hebrew word for vision.  Craig Groeshel decided to take his turn writing about how God has called you to live. 

I'll begin by saying that I agree with some of what he says and despite our differences, I like Craig.  I regularly follow his blog and come from a similar ministry background.   I do believe that each person has been "handcrafted" by God and that design has been created around a specific purpose.  Our values, our traditions, our experiences, and our personalities all play into that vision, or that which God has called us to.

Just a few pages into this book and I was lost.  Early on, Groeschel purports that our core values are the beliefs that are endowed on us by our creator.  If that raises your eyebrow a little, it raised mine too.  After all, I thought that our values were often the result of the environment that molded us.  And what about new Christians?  I thought my values changed some when I decided to follow Christ.

In so many ways, he's right and has a neat way of diagramming (over and over and over) his theories, but in so many important ways, he's just wrong.  

I thought maybe I was just prejudiced.  I thought maybe I was missing something.  I shared it with my Sunday school class (a well-read group of individuals, I might add) and they took this book apart in mere minutes.  We actually used the book to spark a conversation on how we might actually derive the vision, or Chazown, that God has called us to - either as individuals or as the Church.